Freepath Features Overview

Freepath updates itself automatically with the latest available updates and features when you launch. Restart Freepath with an internet connection and you'll be ready to go.

Direct Upload

Upload your playlists into myFreepath without leaving Freepath

From inside Freepath, simply select a playlist in your library, click the new button that appears to the right of the New Playlist button (green plus sign) above your Library (it’s the fancy new button with the arrow and the Freepath logo), a box will appear where you enter your playlist information, set a permission level and then select “ok” to upload. Now it’s easier to get your content uploaded into myFreepath to collaborate, share or just store—it’s up to you!

You can also access this feature through the "Share" menu, or by right clicking any playlist in your local library and choosing "Upload".


Auto-run. Start the playlist and back away slowly...

This enables you to present your playlist content without having to hit the spacebar or right arrow. Think cruise control for Freepath. Turn on this cool new feature and go grab an espresso, chat with your audience or take a nap…up to you! Whatever you decide, your audience will be captivated as your digital media is displayed automatically. This is a great feature for trade shows, kiosks or whenever you want to display your media content in autopilot. Look mom, no hands!

There are two ways to activate this feature:

Drop down menu

From the “Show” drop down menu at the top, select Autoplay. A check mark will appear when this feature is enabled. Use the slide bar to increase or decrease transition time between your media content.

Under the Preview Window

To the right, you will see a small button with ellipsis, aka "..." . This is the button to turn on Autoplay for your selected playlist. Click the button to make the slider appear with a number to the left. Use the slide bar to increase or decrease "on-air" time for each visual cue. (Video files will override this time and play from start point to end point.) The button turns green when Autoplay is enabled. Click the button again to turn it off.

Note: Audio files are ignored in the sequence, but can be looped in the usual way using the Audio AV rack tool. Start your audio sequence separately from the auto-play.

Audience View Controls

Could life get any easier? We thought so...

No need to travel with your cursor all the way up to the dropdown menu. You'll see two shiny new buttons under the preview window.

Dissolve button:

You can turn on/off the dissolve feature from the click of a button. The box will appear blue when the dissolve feature is enabled, a white/gray gradient box will appear when this feature is turned off.


Select the padlock to change the default from locked to unlocked in full screen mode. Remember unlock allows you to edit your content or select links on a webpage without leaving your presentation; enable lock mode to move through your presentation.
You still have the ability to override this setting while in Full Screen mode, simply drag your cursor to the bottom of the screen and the toolbar will appear in the bottom left hand corner.

One Click to Unlock

Like I said, we are all about making your life easier...

Remember in the old days when you had to double click to unlock the screen when you were in presentation view. No more! A single click will do ya! Simply click once anywhere on the Audience screen to unlock. Edit a document, traverse a website, pick the content and do what you will from within the audience screen.

Remember to re-lock your screen with the padlock in the lower-right of your full screen toolbar is you want to continue navigating forward with a remote or keyboard controls.

PowerPoint Chooser

Slide Selector: a new view

Double click on a presentation while in prep or dual modes, the slide selector now appears embedded at the bottom of the playlist. More of a free spirit? In the slide selector, select the button at the top left corner of your chooser to use PowerPoint in the original Freepath way.

There is a slide bar that allows you to increase or decrease the size of your slide thumbnails that appear within the slide selector.

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